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    Welcome to Springtime Fitness


    Located in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, TN, Springtime Fitness is a state-of-the art, mindful movement studio offering  Pilates and GYROTONIC® instruction.


    We also utilize the Redcord® suspension system to augment functional strength training, Bellicon rebounders to intensify cardio conditioning and balance work, and Jungshin ® training utilizing swords to help focus and relax the mind while enhancing the body’s power, strength and flexibility through a martial arts inspired warrior workout.


    We offer privates, duets, semi-privates and a variety of dynamic small group training sessions. We apply the principles of these time-tested, intelligent whole-body movement systems to transform the way you look, feel and perform.



    Our semi-private and group training sessions are small so you always receive plenty of personal attention.


    With hundreds of progressive exercises taught on and off multiple pieces of apparatus (equipment), both methods are highly adaptive and therefore ideal for everyone. You learn to move better so that you not only look and feel better – you play better and avoid injury.  Your body learns to do just about everything better – daily living, sports, as well as other forms of exercise and leisure activities.


    Whether you are looking to simply get into shape, manage stress, reduce back pain, bounce back from an injury and/or boost athletic performance, we can help.



    About Us

    Springtime Fitness Studio was originally established in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, CA in 2007.  Owners and instructors Lisa Chow Madden and Peter Madden, a Nashville native, are excited to bring Springtime Fitness to the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville.


    At Springtime Fitness we believe that everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, previous sports or movement experience can increase their quality of life by improving their overall physical ability. We are dedicated to quality teaching so that what you learn in the studio can be carried over to enhance your daily life and physical activities.




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    We participate with most social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also are listed on Yelp! and Google+.


    Please use these to stay informed on what's going on with the studio. Check Facebook for the latest updates.

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    Color image of 2 studio reformers made by Balanced Body. We also use a metal Allegro reformer with a tower attachement.


    Pilates: the ultimate mind-body exercise


    Pilates is a unique method of whole-body conditioning that offers a complete workout for both your body and mind.  The targeted movements in Pilates strengthen your deep core musculature by aligning the body from the inside out.  Exercises are performed on multiple, specifically designed apparatus (equipment) allowing for assistance or resistance through springs.


    We are a fully equipped studio and use a variety of apparatus (equipment) plus mat work and props to fully customize a personal training program appropriate for your individual needs and goals.


    Pilates has long been recognized for its effectiveness in addressing back pain, and is an effective, low impact cross training option for a wide variety of sports and leisure activities, as well as a fun and invigorating workout for healthy bodies. Postural symmetry, core strength, improved movement mechanics and body awareness, increased strength and flexibility are some of the key benefits of Pilates training.


    We feature Balanced Body equipment:



    Balanced Body

    Color image of Gyrotonic Cobra Tower used at Springtime Fitness Studio.

    GYROTONIC® Method

    The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® Method: a new approach to exercise for mind, body and spirit.


    The GYROTONIC® Method is an integrated movement system that can greatly enhance your overall sense of being and feeling of happiness.  Carefully crafted exercise sequences integrate fluid, rhythmic, circular and spiraling movements with specific breathing patterns to encourage full body engagement and joint articulation without compression and jarring.  The system addresses joint stiffness, reduces muscle and back pain, encourages balance, coordination, strength and flexibility with efficiency and range-of-motion to enhance your daily life.


    Exercises are performed on specialized equipment that provide smooth, even resistance on the handle unit and pulley tower - a weight based pulley system that provides both traction and resistance to simultaneously stretch, strengthen and mobilize the entire body.



    GYROKINESIS® exercises, done on a mat and chair rather than equipment, are an important part of the system and can easily become part of your home routine.


    The system is highly adaptive and designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities.  GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® exercises are currently practiced worldwide and students come from all walks of life.


    GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


    We feature GYROTONIC® equipment:


    GYROTONIC® Method


    Color image of 3 of the 5 rebounders used at Springtime Fitness Studio. These rebounders are custom made using bungee cords to reduce the noise.


    Bellicon: the ultimate rebounder


    We utilize Bellicon rebounders in the studio and feature it in our dynamic small group training sessions because this custom formulated bungee suspension system allows for superb, low-impact cardio conditioning and balance training.  The stable yet pliable surface is excellent for training core muscles as you automatically engage and tone your abdominals, back, side, buttock and pelvic muscles with each bounce plus it’s fun and gentle on your joints.


    Form follows function and the rebounder is a great tool for those looking to improve and achieve their running best while reducing the risk of strain and injury.


    The vertical up and down motion of rebounding is especially beneficial for the lymphatic system and is recommended as both detoxifying and immune boosting.


    We feature Bellicon equipment:






    Redcord®: the ultimate suspension training (wake up the right muscles)


    The Redcord® Suspension System was created in Norway and is currently used in both rehabilitative and cross-training settings worldwide.


    The system utilizes cords and slings to support and challenge as you move through a series of exercises.  It is similar to other suspension systems in that you work with gravity and your own body weight to create challenge.

    The main difference and brilliance of Redcord® is its ability to offload one’s body weight to provide support where and when needed.


    This enables the instructor to quickly identify and target muscular imbalances (or trouble spots).  You can wake up dormant muscles, free up restrictions and thereby deeply challenge your body.  We have found Redcord® to be highly effective and efficient way to further augment functional strength training, providing a unique and superb cross training tool in our private, duet, semi-private and small group training sessions.


    We feature Redcord® equipment:




    Jungshin Fitness®: moving meditation with a sword


    Jungshin Fitness® is a dynamic, full body workout using a wooden practice sword.  This legendary tool from martial arts helps to increase mental focus and the ability to be radically present – even as you are kicking, jumping, stretching and targeting your core.


    When you let the sword speak, the body responds, the mind quiets and the results shine.  One sword, one body, a complete physiological reset that revitalizes and energizes the body and mind to create a body that looks amazing and moves with confidence and energy.


    Movements are fun, warrior-like, energizing exercises designed to optimize your body from the inside out.


    We feature Jungshin Fitness® equipment:



    Jungshin Fitness®

  • Instructors



    The Team


    Lisa believes in the transformative power of mindful movement and finds great joy in teaching.


    She has been teaching Pilates since 2003, Gyrotonic since 2006, Gyrokinesis since 2008, Redcord since 2012 and Jungshin since 2016.  She is a comprehensively trained and certified Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor as well as a Gyrokinesis Pre-trainer.


    Lisa completed Redcord Active training series: Intro, Multi-Suspension and Advanced Corrective at Core Conditioning in Los Angeles, CA.  She trained with and is certified by Annika Kahn, creator and founder of Jungshin Fitness.


    Lisa continues to study extensively with Master Trainer Debra Rose and in 2014 completed training in the Jumping Stretching Board and Gyrotonic Level 2 with Master Trainer Kathy Van Patten.


    Since becoming a teacher, Lisa has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education and updates with a wide variety of Pilates and Gyrotonic master trainers.  Specialized trainings include Pilates and/or Gyrotonic applications working with post-rehabilitative needs, prenatal, postpartum, osteoporosis, scoliosis, seniors and athletes.



    "Lisa is a wonderfully gifted Pilates and GYROTONIC instructor with deep expertise in her disciplines. She's an exceptional teacher and a stickler for form, so she makes sure that you are doing things properly at all times and that you understand why you are doing them that way! She also helps me to continually evolve to the next level in her gentle, yet no-nonsense way. She is incredibly attuned to the individual needs of her clients, more so than any instructor I've ever encountered, and she custom tailors her instruction to address exactly what her clients need. This is true whether you are in a private lesson or taking a group lesson from her. It is for these reasons that I would recommend her to clients of all ages and abilities. No matter where you are starting from or what your goals are, Lisa will help you reach them. " Eunice L., attorney


    Peter is a native of Nashville, TN and  has been teaching Pilates since 2010 and Record® since 2012.  He is a comprehensively trained and certified Pilates instructor, and completed Redcord Active training series: Intro, Multi-Suspension and Advanced Corrective at Core Conditioning in Los Angeles.


    Since becoming a teacher, Peter has studied extensively with a variety of Pilates master trainers from both the classic and contemporary traditions.  He specializes in Pilates for men and sports training utilizing Pilates, Redcord® and Bellicon.


    "Over the two years at Springtime, I've expanded my fitness regime to include training on Redcord with Peter Madden, and on GYROTONIC® with Joyce Chen. This is all in addition to the still challenging Pilates work outs with Lisa. It's great to be able to engage in a dynamic fitness program that constantly challenges and evolves to keep me growing and improving. Plus the space has tons of natural light and a bank of windows with a private garden view - lovely. So, thank you Springtime Fitness, Lisa, Peter and Joyce, and happy anniversary!" Kristine S., SR. Vice President

    The Team

    Come join our team! We are always looking for dedicated and inspired teachers to join us.


    Please contact us either by phone, email or simply get the conversation started by filling out the form.


    We're looking forward to talking to you about joining the team.

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  • Schedule & Pricing






    Private sessions

    Privates provide the ideal, focused opportunity for valuable, customized, in-depth learning.  We teach and modify exercises to suit your unique body and needs, appropriately and progressively challenging you both mentally and physically.


    Duet  and Semi-Private sessions

    Duets (2) and semi-privates (max 4) train with one instructor, moving through various, multiple apparatus (equipment) either in tandem and/or at one’s own pace with modifications.  Sessions are highly customized with plenty of individual attention – more like a private session within a small group structure.  You can form a duet or semi-private with a friend(s).  Or we will help you find a suitable partner(s) with similar goals and needs.  Instructor approval required.

    Small group training sessions

    Our small group training sessions max at 6 so you always receive plenty of attention.  It’s a fun and economical option for those that are injury free and prefer the energy and camaraderie of a small group training session.  Prior experience requested for all full studio apparatus (equipment) based Pilates and Gyrotonic® sessions.  Bellicon rebounder, Gyrokinesis® and Jungshin sessions are open to all.


    We are open 7 days a week by appointment and registration is required for all sessions including joining a small group(s).  We build our schedule around our clients so if you are new to the studio and interested in joining a small group - it’s best to call, text or email us in advance to let us know what you’re interested in as well as to reconfirm the current week’s schedule and availability.


    Do let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll do our best to add it to our current schedule!  Sample (subject to change) semi-private and small group schedule below:













    Pilates Studio: Train on a variety of Pilates apparatus/equipment – transition smoothly between the reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and/or mat with props for a whole body sculpting workout.



    Pilates Chair + Mat: Pilates exercises utilizing Balanced Body Centerline and Combo chairs + mat work with props for a complete, whole body workout. You will sweat as you challenge your strength, balance and whole body coordination.








    Semi-Private: GYROTONIC®



    Pilates Studio: Train on a variety of Pilates apparatus/equipment – transition smoothly between the reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and/or mat with props for a whole body sculpting workout.




    9:00AMJungshin® Athletic Flow: utilizing a wooden practice sword to increase mental focus and quiet the mind - all while executing warrior like movements for a dynamic full body workout. 6:00PMPilates Studio: Train on a variety of Pilates apparatus/equipment – transition smoothly between the reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and/or mat with props for a whole body sculpting workout.  


    Pilates Studio: Train on a variety of Pilates apparatus/equipment – transition smoothly between the reformer, tower, chairs, barrels and/or mat with props for a whole body sculpting workout.








    Pilates Chair + Mat: Pilates exercises utilizing Balanced Body Centerline and Combo chairs + mat work with props for a complete, whole body workout. You will sweat as you challenge your strength, balance and whole body coordination.



    Combo: total body workout featuring Bellicon rebounders and Pilates chair + mat work with a variety of props.  We incorporate Bellicon rebounders for a core and balance challenge while getting your heart rate up and body sweating.  Pilates chair and mat exercises for additional core and balance work to further strengthen, lengthen and stretch for full body definition.



    11:30AM (75 min)

    GYROKINESIS®: this all-levels class incorporates chair, floor and standing exercises to gently work the entire body – opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing both range-of-motion and functional strength through rhythmic, flowing and joyful movement sequences.


    Come in for a single session and try us out.


    You get a chance to meet the instructor, receive an initial assessment and experience a workout.  We then work with you to determine the best program and package for you based on your particular needs: schedule, interests, goals, budget, etc.  When you are ready, we will credit your first session towards the purchase of your package.


    • Sessions are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.

    • Privates and duets: 30, 75 and 90min options also available

    • Registration for all sessions is required.

    • In order to best serve all our clients, we maintain a 12-hour cancellation policy for all appointments.

    • All packages are non-refundable, though are transferable

    • Packages expire in 6 months from initial sale date

    • New client intro and monthly packages expire in 30 days





    New Client Intro Package

    3 privates for $250 (includes 90min  initial session)



    Single rate =$90

    5-pack rate = $425 ($85ea)

    10-pack rate = $800 ($80ea)



    Single rate = $65

    5-pack rate = $300 ($60ea)

    10-pack rate = $550 ($55ea)


    Semi-private (max 4)

    Single rate = $50

    5-pack rate = $225 ($45ea)

    10-pack rate = $400 ($40ea)

    Monthly (2x/week)*: $240




    Small Group (max 5-6)

    Single rate: $40

    5-pack rate = $175 ($35ea)

    10-pack rate = $300 ($30ea)

    Monthly (unlimited)*: $240


    * monthly packages: late cancel/no show charge of $30 applies; unlimited = max 1 small group per day




    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am a new client, how do I get started?

    Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a session and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours if not sooner.


    Call or text: 615.734.9290

    Email: info@springtimefitness.com


    How long are sessions?

    All regular privates, duets and semi-privates are 55 minutes (30, 75 and 90 minutes private and duet sessions are also available).  Small group training sessions vary from 45 to 75 minutes.


    What should I start with?

    We welcome all new clients with an initial 75 minutes private session.  You will receive an initial assessment and workout based on your specific interests and goals. We then work with you, based on your particular needs: schedule, interest, budget etc., to determine a program and set-up a schedule that works for you.


    Though we encourage an initial private for all new clients, you are welcome to join any one of our small group training sessions (max 5-6), no prior experience required, though we request that you be injury free.



    What if I have back issues and/or other injuries?

    Both Pilates and GYROTONIC® are highly adaptive and have long been recognized for its effectiveness in preventing and managing back issues as well as helping to recover from injuries and surgeries.


    Is Pilates or GYROTONIC® appropriate if I'm pregnant or just had a baby?

    Pregnancy, childbirth and the first year postpartum bring vast changes all in a very short period of time. Both systems can help you maintain your stamina through all stages of your pregnancy in a non-taxing and rejuvenating way. Both systems are also ideal for postpartum recovery, regardless of prior experience.


    Is Pilates or GYROTONIC® for men?

    Absolutely!  Both systems were created by men – Pilates by Joseph Pilates and GYROTONIC® by Julio Horvath.  Both systems are highly adaptive, offering an appropriately challenging and invigorating workout for everyone, regardless of age or current fitness level.


    What should I wear?

    Wear comfortable workout clothes that you can move in, preferably slim fitting and not too loose or bulky so that the instructor can see your movements and correct your alignment as needed.  We encourage socks and ask that you remove jewelry for safety purposes. No shoes required.


  • Contact & Location



    SF Friends


    Please call, email or use the form supplied with any questions or to  schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Sessions occur throughout the day including early morning, lunchtime and evening to accommodate a variety of schedules.



    Open 7 days a week by appointment

    Monday-Friday (6AM-8PM)

    Saturday (8AM-1PM)

    Sunday (by appointment with instructor)


    TELEPHONE: 1-615-734-9290


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    Located in the Bandywood Fashion Square in Green Hills on Bandywood Drive. You can access Bandywood Drive from Abbott Martin Road or Hillsboro Circle.


    The parking lot is only steps from our door.


    We are open 7 days a week by appointment. Sessions occur throughout the day including  early morning, lunchtime and evening to accommodate a variety of schedules.


    2180 Bandywood Drive

    Nashville, TN 37215



    4117 Hillsboro Pike #103-346

    Nashville, TN 37215

    SF Friends

    These few pictures are only a small sample of the enormous sense of community that was established by Springtime Fitness, when it opened in the Russian Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.


    The private door that led down to the basement garden studio took people away from their busy work life. And it provided them a private opportunity to "disconnect" and focus on themselves.


    We feel fortunate to have been there to help our clients, who became our friends, reach new goals in their personal and professional lives. Let's just say a lot was experienced in that tiny space and it provided everyone involved with it a great opportunity.


    We do miss everyone in SF but know you are are not forgotten, as we establish Springtime Fitness in Nashville, TN.


    Love to Everyone,


    Lisa, Peter, Diego, Buddy and Ramona